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Just a quick wee post to apologise for the lack of activity on the blog in recent weeks and months.  Keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks for updates to the pages and fresh posts about life in Portree High School!

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Higher Human CfE

Well done for completing your work on the first chapter!  Make sure you have a good look over your notes this weekend.  It is important that you keep on top of the new information that you are being taught in class time.

Have a look at the video below about stem cells.


Remember the whole of the Eurostem cell site is full of information and resources about the uses of stem cells in current research.  It really is worth a look!

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S4 – N5 Assignments

Congratulations to everyone in my S4 class who has handed in their assignments on time!!

You have worked really hard on your sea-eagle research and I am sure that it will pay off.   If you have any Outcome 1, 2.2 or 2.3 outstanding the deadline for completing this work is;

Wednesday 19th!!


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Welcome Back!

Hope that you all had a lovely break over the past week and are ready to get back to some fantastic Science and Biology.  Looking forward to seeing you all this week!

I have been updating many of the pages for the different classes, so make sure you take some time to have a look at the page for your own class!

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National 4/5 Biology – Hormones

Hormones are found in all of our bodies and they are used in a variety of different ways.  They are released by endocrine glands around the body.  The hormone then travels through the bloodstream to it’s target tissue.  The target tissue is any organ in the body where the hormone takes it’s effect.

Hormones only act on their own target tissue since their target tissue possesses receptors which specifically fit with that particular hormone.  Hormones will only act on tissues which have the appropriately shaped receptor.

One example of this might be;

Pancreas releasing insulin which travels to the liver.

Endocrine Gland = Pancreas

Hormone = Insulin

Target Tissue = Liver.

Here is a wee video to give you an overview of what we have covered.  There is a lot more detail in the video than you need to remember.

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National 4 Biology – Human Growth and Development

This week in Biology we have been learning about the effects of lacking vitamins and minerals on growth and development in humans.

I have attached some samples of pupil work below.


VITAMIN D powerpoint 

Also remember that all the food groups are important to have incorporated into a healthy balanced diet.  Each of these food groups can be tested for in a variety of ways.

For example;

Carbohydrates are tested for using iodine.  Iodine changes from brown to black in the presence of starch.

Proteins can be tested for using Biuret’s Reagent.  Biuret’s changes from blue to lilac in the presence of protein.

Fats can be tested for using a filter paper.  The filter paper should become translucent in the presence of fat.

Hope this helps!

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S2 Saidheans – Life as We Knew It

An t-seachdainn seo ann an Saidheans tha sinn gu bhith ag ionnsachadh mu dheidhinn am buaidh a th’aig a’ ghealach air na tràghan. 

Tha sinn a’ dèanamh seo le bhith a’ leughadh a’ chiad da chaibideil dhan leabhar “Life as We Knew It”.  Feumaidh na sgoilearan crìoch a chuir air an sgeulachd a’ cleachdadh a meac-meanmainn fhèin!

Tha mi a’ coimhead air adhart ri bhith a’ leughadh na sgeulachdan agaibh!


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